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Aloe and Green Rooibos Health Drink


500ml: Forever Healthy health drink which naturally acts as a detox and colon cleanser with Green rooibos to soothe . High in antioxidants to support, strengthen and boost your immune system by eliminating free radicals which cause damage.

Antioxidant juice to support, boost and strengthen your immune system by eliminating free radicals caused by smoking, alcohol, pollution, heavy metals and other environmental pressures.

Aloe is a natural colon cleanser which detoxifies and green rooibos soothes.

Beneficial for people suffering from osteoarthritis, ulcerative colitis, fever, itching, inflammation,  stomach ulcers, diabetes, asthma, side effects of radiation, sunburn, frostbite, ibs, psoriasis, cold sores and more.,.

Dosage: Adults can drink 50ml twice a day with meals. taken on its own or mixed with juice or water.

Children between 2-12 years can take half the adult dosage twice a day.

Product label: See galley image

Weight 500 g


500ml liquid


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