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Collagen Drink – Raspberry Flavour


20g: Collagen supplementation may help with smoothing out wrinkles and boosting elasticity of skin, lessening of joint aches and pains, promoting good gut and heart health, promoting healthy hair, skin and nails, for boosting mass muscle and for losing weight and assisting with weight control.

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For enjoyment while fighting the effects of ageing. It gives strength and elasticity to skin,  hair, nails, joints, ligaments  and tendons while helping you feel and look younger for longer! As you get older collagen declines. By the age of 60 years, we could lose up to 50% of our body’s collagen thus the need for supplementation. Collagen makes up to 30% of the protein in our bodies and contains 18 different amino acids, which are the building blocks of cells, muscles and tissue.

Benefits which Collagen supplementation may help with:

  • Smoothing out wrinkles and boosting elasticity of skin.
  • Lessening of joint aches and pains.
  • Promoting good gut health.
  • Promoting good heart health.
  • Promoting healthy hair, skin and nails.
  • Boosting mass muscle
  • Losing weight and assisting with weight control.

How Much Do you Need?

  • 30g daily to replenish cells, heal body, ease joint pains and to build muscle
  • 10-15g daily to help lose weight & increase energy, to reduce inflammation, line your gut and improve digestion.

5g = 1 Tablespoon of collagen

Suitable for:

  • 18 years and older
  • Safety for pregnant or breast feeding moms has not been established yet.


Preferably in the morning. Empty the contents, or less, of the sachet into 250m cold water and drink.

If you smoke, drink alcohol, eat too much sugar, have stress, exposed to the sun, can’t sleep, are ageing prematurely or participate in endurance sport your collagen levels could be declining, hence you’ll need this supplement.

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