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The Gift of Younger Looking Skin Combo


30ml: Botox in a tube with BoNT-L Peptide, Rooibos, VNA10+ and Cogon Grass extracts to help plump up wrinkles.

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Forever Young Bo-Serum 30ml  and Creme de Nuit 50ml, Iron out wrinkles! The first skin care product in South Africa to contain the wrinkle removing BoNT-L Peptide with VNA10+. A safe, non-invasive alternative to surgery or injections. See your  deep wrinkles and fine lines diminish with every application of this potent serum. It helps the skin de-stress, visibly reducing wrinkles and skin contours seem more defined.

Contains: BoNT-L Peptide, Rooibos and Cogon Grass Extracts, to supply potent antioxidants to the skin and to provide potassium to help skin transfer and retain moisture. Now with added VNA10+ to liven up dull skin and to give it a natural glow while improving elasticity by tightening, firming and plumping up skin because of retained moisture.

Apply daily after Skin Detox, in the morning and before applying Revitalising Cream or Moisturiser.


Get your 50ml Forever Young Creme de Nuit, for true beauty sleep!

Weight 30 g
non-invasive 'botox'

"BoNT-L Peptide"


  • Rooibos Extract
  • BoNT-L Peptide
  • Moisture+
  • VNA10+


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