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The Ultimate Guide to [R]evolutionary Lifestyle


30 Page Booklet with all the information you’ll require to change to a healthier you in 21 days. Steps to follow on detoxing, metabolising, burning fat and toning your body. Supplements available to better your body’s progress and even a cheat sheet if necessary

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Your Holistic Body Confidence Strategy.

A 30-page booklet to guide you into Our Lifestyle, not a diet. Change the way you live and eat.

Annique’s philosophy, lifestyle programme, cheat sheet, gut health facts, slimming supplements info, superfoods, steps to a new you, detoxifying, activating your metabolism, burn fat and tone your body, ways to curb cravings, slimming bomb, maintaining your lifestyle change, 7-day planner and 21 days to change your life. Monitor your progress,

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30 page booklet

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