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A True Story – “Apple of My Eye”


COURIER EXCLUDED. Original Oil Painting on Stretched Canvas (600x600mm).  Title: “Apple of My Eye”

A true story of love from when first man ate of the fruit from the prohibited tree in the garden of Eden. Believe in God’s only begotten Son Jesus Christ Who received a crown of thorns on His head, died a terrible death on The Cross to redeem us and reconcile us back to Paradise with God, Our Father. You’re the Apple of His Eye! Imagine that!

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Price excludes courier fee which will be worked out once destination is known. R60 payable up front. Balance thereafter.

Original, Still-Life Re-imagined: Painted by me, Marion Green (nee Olie)

Oil on stretched canvas 600 x 600mm.



Original Oil painting on stretched Canvas 600x600mm

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