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Return Process and Credit

Please note that a customer can only return a product within 30 days of invoice date.

Products will ONLY be credited in the following cases:

  • Leaves and Twigs accidentally typed in the incorrect quantity or product.
  • The product is faulty eg pump action on product faulty.
  • The incorrect product was sent.
  • The product was damaged in the packaging.
  • The product was damaged by the Courier.
  • The product was short packed by Leaves and Twigs.

Products will NOT be credited when:

  • The customer ordered the wrong product or incorrect quantities.

Procedure for Product Return


Complete the Product Returns Form by following this link.


Leaves and Twigs will then contact you to discuss a solution for your product complaint.


If the wrongfully sent product has to be returned:

  • Prepare parcel to be send back to Leaves and Twigs.
  • Include the following in the parcel:
    – Product
    – Copy of Invoice
    – Post Office Receipt
  • NO credit will be processed for Postal Fee if the Postal Receipt is not included in your parcel.
  • Send the parcel to our postal address:
    Leaves and Twigs
    P.O. Box 22
    Pringle Bay
  • A postage fee to a maximum of R30.00 will be paid to the customer’s account, if the error was made by Leaves and Twigs.
  • When the parcel arrives at Leaves and Twigs, we will process the documentation.
  • The Credit Note will be sent to the customer via email or fax.

Procedure for Damaged or Leaking Product Return



  • The photo of the damage or leaking product will be sent for approval.
  • If the photo is approved, a RMA-Reference will be created. This will be your reference number for the return.
  • The RMA-document with reference number will be sent to you, the customer via email or fax.
  • NO returning of the product will be required, if approved.
  • If the photo is not approved, Leaves and Twigs will contact you telephonically or via request for the product to be returned to Leaves and Twigs via Post.

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