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Rooibos Connection

Alphabet blocks spelling diabetes

Rooibos & Diabetes

Researchers found that Rooibos may be beneficial in helping yourself, and your pet dog, in fighting diabetes type 2 and so significantly lowering your risk.

Rooibos smoothie recipes

Rooibos Recipes

Get creative and use rooibos in your cooking. Great ideas too using Annique’s Lifestyle Shakes – a meal replacement.

Girl with acne

Rooibos & Acne

Discover your Rooibos plan of action for acne, read about some acne myths and use Annique’s epic guide to get rid of acne.

Man drinking a cup of tea

Rooibos & Men

Research has shown that rooibos can assist with protecting testosterone-producing cells from ageing and help men keep a leaner physique.

Stethoscope and heart

Rooibos & Hypertension

Annique’s Rooibos and Herb teas, like Relax Tea and Night Rest Tea, help to relieve stress, anxiety, sleep problems and restlessness.

A lady with back pain

Rooibos and Kidney Health

Rooibos tea can help with kidney disease linked with heart disease and other illnesses such as kidney stones and obesity linked with kidney disease.

Woman with hands in her hair

Rooibos & Stress

Learn how to stress less with Annique’s Rooibos herbal teas, OptiCalm Vitamin B complex and OptiFlora Probiotics.

Skin imperfections guide

Rooibos & Skin Imperfections

A quick and easy guide to skin imperfections and how to treat them with Annique Health and Beauty’s Rooibos products as well as a summer serum guide.

Cup of rooibos tea with yellow daisy

Rooibos & Your Bones

Rooibos is rich in several minerals, such as calcium, manganese, magnesium and fluoride that help to strengthen your bones.

Scale with blue measuring tape

Rooibos & Obesity

Rooibos is low in sugar, evening out blood-sugar levels and can have a positive effect on weight management.

Lady feeling tired from work

Rooibos & Ladies

A natural beautifier and superfood full of antioxidants, Rooibos enhances mental focus, fights fatigue and energises in a calming manner.

Two fluffly puppies

Rooibos & Your Furry Friends

Your pets can benefit by drinking Rooibos infused water. It has chemo-preventive properties, will build better bones and also helps settle upset stomachs.

Two girls swimming in the sun

Rooibos & Vacations

Anti-allergic and soothing properties of Annique’s Resque products make it the star items in your holiday first aid kit.

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