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Baby Rooibos Tea – 20 teabags


50g: A supplementary drink for babies from 6 months, to soothe and calm colic, insomnia and allergies. Naturally sweet, organic and safe.

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Organic, rooibos teabags, suitable for baby from 6 Months for an anti-allergenic and nutritional supplementary drink. You are advised to replace juice or water with baby Rooibos Tea and add to normal bottle feed. It does not replace bottle feeds or breastfeeding. It has a natural and fruity flavour and needs no sweetening. It has anti-allergenic, anti-spasmodic, anti-viral, anti-bacterial and antioxidant properties. Dr Theron, founder of Annique, helped many mothers as far back as 1968, with baby’s who had colic, insomnia and allergies. She discovered that it soothed and calmed her own baby, Lorinda, and this lead her to further investigation and she discovered Rooibos’ anti-allergenic properties. At this stage she stood alone in this discovery!

Weight 50 g


50g, 20 organic teabags

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