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Cafe Creme shake with ice and banana

Slimming with Annique Rooibos

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In the 1970’s Dr Annique Theron helped people slim with a first in shakes, her Wonder Slim, now called Annique Lifestyle shake. Email me at and I will help you to achieve your goal by following Annique’s lifestyle programme and lose weight.

New name, same quality

Please note that Annique is constantly improving products. As a result product names might have changed or may even have been discontinued. View Lifestyle products to see what is currently available.

Re-energize your body and mind

There are only a few more weeks to go before the holidays! It’s now your final chance to ensure that you end your year with a bang. For some people that might mean to finish that pile of work that’s been lying on their desks for ages. Others might simply want to shed five more kilograms before the December holidays. Make sure you have enough energy to achieve your final goals!

Info sheet with Lifestyle Shake nutritional info

The Annique Lifestyle Shake is your go-to product this time of the year, as it is full of nutrients to support your body and mind. Use it as a meal replacement to help you lose weight or drink it as a nutritional supplement for extra energy.

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