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Crowned In Glory


COURIER EXCLUDED. Original Oil Painting on Stretched Canvas (1000x500x45mm).  Title: Crowned in Glory. Original artwork by me, Marion Green (nee Olie)

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Price excludes courier fee which will be worked out once destination is known. R60 payable up front. Balance thereafter.

Crowned In Glory”

Experiencing the Fynbos

In this painting of Pringle Bay Fynbos, I moved from Realism to Naturalism. I love nature and the sparks of colour, the textures and wonders of this biome. I used the actual plants (Slangbos and Bietoubos) as my painting tools for the painting of these fynbos specimens, experiencing the textured, fine & knobbly “Slangbos” to the thick glossy “Bietou” foliage.

The mundane crowned for glory.

A moment captured and painted by me!

Marion Green (nee Olie)

074 505 1277


OIL ON CANVAS – 1000 x 500 x 45 mm

For The Love of Creation & Art.


Original Oil painting on stretched Canvas 800x600mm

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