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Curiosity At Its Best


COURIER EXCLUDED. Original mixed media ink drawing on paper (420x300mm) Framed with Glass.  Title: Curiosity,

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Price excludes courier fee which will be worked out once destination is known. R60 payable up front. Balance thereafter.

“Curiosity At Its Best”

The Cape Clawless Otter often spotted on my early morning walks on Pringle Bay Beach.

If early enough they are spotted on the board walk leading to the beach, or seen dashing from the dunes to the sea, then curiously bobbing up and down to keep an eye on me, or also seen swimming in the lagoon.

Magical Moments.

A time for daily reflection, renewal, restoration and enjoyment for my soul!

Where I get my inspiration for artworks. This one mostly drawn with layers of black ballpoint pen.

My pen and ink is progressing to new levels, thanks to Arina yburgh of Montage Studios in pringle Bay.

Marion Green (nee Olie)

074 505 1277


Hand Drawn by me!

Mixed Media Ink On Paper (420 x 300 x mm) , Mounted (White) and Framed (Black) – (520 x 400 x 25 mm) 


Original Oil painting on stretched Canvas 800x600mm

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