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Zerotox – Absorbatox (TM)

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30 Capsules: Zerotox acts as a sponge in the stomach and adsorbs (changing its molecular structure, rendering the toxins harmless) the toxins produced in much the same way as a sponge soaks up water or much like a magnet attracting! In addition, it removes any foreign substances in the body.

Adsorbs Toxins & Heavy Metals: Zerotox, previously known as OptiClear, contains Absorbatox (TM) which adsorbs heavy metals, toxins and nitrates from your body, changing its molecular structure and rendering it harmless, after which the body eliminates it naturally. It acts as a sponge in your stomach, resulting in  organ equilibrium. It is not absorbed into the bloodstream, but stays in the gastro-intestinal tract, even in severe cases. In addition it removes foreign substances in the body. Say a man drinks 5 beers in 45 minutes. By the time 2 beers are absorbed into the bloodstream, the other 3 are waiting in the stomach to be absorbed by the bloodstream. If he  has ingested  a Zerotox capsule, Absorbatox(TM) will absorb the 3 beers in the stomach, effectively  keeping the alcohol in the stomach until it has passed through the digestive system and out of the body.  Energy and health levels may increase. Free of sugar, yeast, dairy, flavourants, and preservatives.

Zerotox contains: Absorbatox (Potentiated Alumino Silicate) 670mg, Rooibos Extract 2,5mg.

Reasons to take Zerotox: ~ if you are battling to lose weight,

~ premature ageing due to free radicals,

~ if you want to see your allergies disappear,

~ if you have porphyria, migranes, ibs, spastic colon, had chemo-therapy,

~ if you have heartburn, ulcers, or other digestion and gastro-intestinal problems.

~ if you, or someone close to you, smokes,

~ if you have a tendency to over-indulge ( take 4).

~ impaired brain function,

~ if you have arthritis.

Dosage: 1-2 capsules per day or as recommended by your health care practitioner.

4  capsules, if you know you are going to over-indulge, and if you have diarrhea.

Do NOT take Zerotox within 2 hours of taking prescribed drug medication.

Symptoms which may improve by taking Zerotox: Toxic overload, heavy metal toxicity, Chemo therapy side effects, migraines and headaches, depression, arthritis, allergies, weight  problems caused by metabolism problems, alcohol over-indulgence and hang-overs, IBS, liver toxicity, diarrhea and food poisoning.

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Weight 40 g


30 hardgel capsules


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