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CBD Isolate with Green Rooibos


30 Capsules: Each 10mg of Cannabis, CBD Isolate, nature’s answer to pain, stress, anxiety and insomnia, combined with green Rooibos for better absorption and a powerful antioxidant.

CBD Isolate (10mg) :  Made from carefully filtered hemp plant. It is the purist form of naturally occurring CBD. A world’s first, combination with Green Rooibos (50mg).  Known for its health benefits for body and mind. Forever healthy. Advanced nutrition. Cannabis [CBD] nature’s answer to your health.

May assist with:

* Anxiety and depression
* Inflammation
* Pain
* Insomnia

The recommended dosage: 1-2 capsules per day, morning or night

If pregnant or breast feeding or have an immune disease it is recommened to check with your health practitioner before starting any new medication.

The CBD isolate is sourced from an accredited Swiss company, Afriplex.

No, you will not get high from the CBD Isolate and the green rooibos, as CBD Isolate contains no THC.

Product Label:
Product label of CBD Isolate with Green Rooibos

Weight 40 g


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