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Annique Rooibos, Fermented, 80 teabags


200g: Superior, antioxidant-rich, South African miracle herb, rooibos, which only grows in the Cederberg mountains of the Western Cape. It is anti-viral, -bacterial, -inflammatory, -spasmodic, -carcinogenic, -ageing and so calming and soothing for the whole family.

Red Bush Tea/Rooibos Tea/Red Gold.

Annique sells only Superior grade rooibos which contains 80% leaves and 20% twigs.

This is critical since the active ingredients are essentially found in the leaves and not the twigs!

Rooibos is: Pure and natural, free of any preservatives or artifical colourants. It is rich in antioxidants and flavonoids, and free of caffeine and low in tannins. It contains calcium, manganese, zinc ,and magnesium.

Rooibos Tea is strongly recommended for: people suffering from irritability, headaches, disturbed sleeping patterns, insomnia, nervous tension, mild depression or hypertension. It has anti-spasmodic properties, thus helping to relieve stomach and digestive problems like nausea, vomiting, heartburn, stomach ulcers and constipation. Rooibos also  has a soothing effect on the skin relieving itching and certain skin irritations like eczema, nappy rash and acne when directly applied to the affected areas. 

Supplements the daily amount of calcium, manganese and fluoride.                                      Contains zinc and alpha-hydroxy acids
Soothing drink for people on a calorie restricted diet
Cosmetic benefit -promotes better skin
Health promoting benefits

Directions: Pour boiling water in a cup, add one teabag and let it steep for 2-5 minutes or boil in a pot on the stove for 2-5 minutes. Drink as is, preferably without milk and sugar. Do not heat in a microwave as this will destroy the antioxidants.

As part of your Annique skincare routine, it is advised, in the morning to rinse your face with Rooibos-infused lukewarm water.


Weight .200 g
Antioxidant powerhouse

"Aspalathus linearis"


  • 100% Aspalathus linearis, fermented rooibos


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