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Feeding The Multitudes


COURIER EXCLUDED. Original Oil Painting on Stretched Canvas (300x300mm).  Title: Feeding The Multitudes

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Price excludes courier fee which will be worked out once destination is known. R60 payable up front. Balance thereafter.

Original, Oil Painting on stretched canvas (300x300mm): Painted by me, Marion Green (nee Olie)

“Feeding the Multitudes”

For The Love of Creation & ARt.

Inspired by joyful colours and God’s Word,

which is Always happy if you’ve put your trust in Him.

He so willingly and easily fed the multitudes, from just 5 loaves & 2 fishes

and they were satisfied!

Matthew 14:13-21

Trust you too will have a feast!

Humanly impossible becomes divinely possible!

Marion Green (nee Olie)

074 505 1277


OIL ON CANVAS – 300 x 300mm


Original Oil painting on stretched Canvas 300x300mm

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